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Ice Climbers First to Conquer Niagara Falls


47 year old expert ice climber Will Gadd has been the first person to scale a wall of ice at the edge of the world famous Canadian Horseshoe Falls.  Many people have braved going over the falls but Gadd is the first person ever to scale the Falls.  Gadd who is from Canmore in Alberta completed this amazing feat on January 27th 2015 and was followed shortly afterwards by his climbing partner Sarah Hueniken (34 years old) who became the first woman to scale the falls.

The route they took was close to where the edge of the Canadian Horseshoe Falls meets Goat Island and right next to the border of Canada and the United States.  Goat Island is the island which separates the Canadian Falls with the American Falls. The centre of the Falls had not completely frozen over hence why they completed this feat from the edge of the falls.  Gadd had previously scaled British Columbia’s Helmcken Falls which at 141m tall is considered one of the worlds most difficult climbs.

You can see footage of Gabb’s ascent on Niagara Falls by visiting our Facebook Page.

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