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Niagara Floral Clock


The Niagara Parks Floral Clock is one the most photographed and widely recognised attractions in the Niagara area.

Every year hundreds of thousands of visitors call in to see this impressive sight which is situated on the Niagara Parkway about 10 kilometers out of Niagara Falls city. It is one of the largest floral clocks in the world measuring in at around 30 feet (12.5 metres) in diameter.

In the peak summer months it boasts a staggering 15 thousand flowers and arrangements in the display. There are numerous photographs and images of it all over the internet with its colourful and vibrant displays.

What a lot of people don’t know is that the Floral clock does change its appearance drastically over the colder and harsh Canadian winter months. The colourful flowers succumb to the snow and ice and below freezing temperatures and generally die out leaving a shell of what once was.

Every spring when the weather warms up the old display from the previous year is completely dug up and gardeners work tirelessly to plant and build a new display for the coming summer. We happened to see the floral clock in mid April during this transitional stage and caught a rare photograph the floral clock half completed.

If you would like to see the Floral Clock in person Niagara Day Tour stop at it every day throughout the summer on our award winning tour.

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